About Us - Concho Imaging

Who Are We?

My name is Vincent, together with Martin we started a photography business covering everything from Weddings, Quinceañeras, Parties etc.  In the beginning we tried to cover everything and make everyone happy.  We found out that working that way, hardly anyone was happy, especially us. By narrowing our focus, we became better and more concentrated on what makes us good at what we do. 

What Do We Do?

Both Martin and I are photographers, but we can also shoot video. Not just any video, we like to try and bridge the gap between videography and cinematography when it comes to weddings and Quinceañeras.  But when it comes to special edit videos, its full on cinema.

What Are Special Edit Videos?

This is what we call videos that are made with our clients.  Although wedding couples utilize this option, it's mostly our Quinceañeras that really love this feature. They choose anything they would like to show off during their event after the slideshow.  It could be a music video, dance show, or even their acting ability based on any popular show or movie.  We were going to begin charging for this option in the beginning of 2017 but decided to postpone it until 2018.

What type of Photography Do We Capture?

Photography is subject to personal taste. One persons perfect portrait is someone elses "Snapshot". In my opinion, and this is my opinion only, Martin is great for getting the shots that are almost impossible to get.  Difficult lighting, crowded room etc, is where Martin shines I think.  My photography usually takes some setting up. Lighting and posing I think are my strong points.

Out Portfolios

We are in the process of creating portfolios for each of us to better show examples of our style of work.  You make the decision as to what best suits your needs and likes.

Shortly, we'll be posting a video of what we do behind the scenes at any event to capture the best of video, audio and photos.

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